Privacy Statement

RGTN Wholesale B.V. respects your personal data and ensures that the personal information that is provided to us, or acquired by us in some other way, is treated confidentially. Personal data means all information about a person, including data that reveals something about them indirectly. The following explanation is intended to comply with the obligation laid down in the GDPR to inform the person(s) (i.e. the “data subjects”) whose personal data RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes.

RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes personal data in order to provide services (and improve those services), and to communicate with you personally as a data subject. For evaluation of our services we generally engage a third party. As the data subject, you yourself choose to participate in this process and to leave personal data for that purpose. You may also sign up to receive a newsletter or other types of communication from RGTN Wholesale B.V.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes the personal data referred to below solely for the following purposes:
  • to provide services including telecom services, for example performance of a contract;
  • to collect invoice payments;
  • to advise, mediate, and refer;
  • to comply with judicial and legal obligations;
  • for marketing and communication;
  • for recruitment and selection (job applications);
  • for customer acceptance.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes the following types or categories of personal data so as to provide the service concerned, of if the data has been provided by the data subject of their own accord: first name, surname, address details, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Chamber of Commerce numbers, IBAN numbers, copy of ID, copy of Chamber of Commerce extract, company details, management details, group structure, credit scores. RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes this personal data because you provided it of your own accord as a data subject, because it has been obtained in the context of the provision of services, because it has been made known to us by third parties, including counterparties, or because it is known from public sources.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. processes the above personal data solely for the following reasons within the meaning of Article 6 of the GDPR:
  • a legal obligation;
  • performance of a contract;
  • the data subject(s) has/have given consent;
  • a legitimate interest.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. will only share your personal data with third parties to the extent necessary for the provision of services in accordance with the above purposes. This may include maintenance and support contracts with suppliers.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. may also provide personal data to a third party, such as a regulator or other competent public body, to the extent that there is a legal obligation to do so.
A processing agreement is concluded with the third party that processes your personal data on behalf of and on the instructions of RGTN Wholesale B.V., as a result of which that third party is also obliged to comply with the GDPR.
Third parties engaged by RGTN Wholesale B.V. that provide services as data “controllers” are themselves required to comply with the GDPR as regards (further) processing of your personal data.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. is committed to the security and protection of your personal data and, taking into account the state of technology, puts appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk. If RGTN Wholesale B.V. makes use of services of third parties, such as an IT supplier, RGTN Wholesale B.V., in the context of protecting personal data, will lay down arrangements for appropriate security measures in a processing agreement.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. retains personal data for processing for no longer than necessary for the above purposes for which it has been provided, or as required by law.
You should send any request for inspection, correction, restriction, objection, transfer of data, deletion of your personal data, or withdrawal of previously granted consent to the address below. You will receive a response from us within four weeks of receipt of your request.
There may be circumstances in which RGTN Wholesale B.V. cannot comply, or cannot comply fully, with your request as a data subject, for example when statutory retention periods are concerned.
Please send you request to:
RGTN Wholesale B.V., Antwoordnummer 1115, NL-6200 VB Maastricht, The Netherlands.
So as to be certain that we provide the relevant personal data to the correct person in response to your request, please provide a copy of a valid passport, driving licence, or ID for verification purposes. (The passport photo and BSN number should be blanked out.) RGTN Wholesale B.V. will only deal with requests that relate to your own personal data.
RGTN Wholesale B.V.’s website(s) has/have buttons and/or links to promote or share webpages on social media or third-party websites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. RGTN Wholesale B.V. does not monitor processing of your personal data by and through such third parties, and is not responsible for such processing. You therefore use such media at your own risk. Before making use of a third-party service, you should first read its privacy statement.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. keeps track of website usage data for statistical purposes. Personal data collected in this way is basically anonymous and RGTN Wholesale B.V. does not sell it to third parties.

RGTN Wholesale B.V. uses “cookies” so as to make the website(s) easier to use. A cookie is a little text file that is placed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone during your visit to RGTN Wholesale B.V. website(s). You can refuse cookies at any time, although doing so this may limit the functionality and ease of use of the website(s).

The RGTN Wholesale B.V. website uses cookies from Google Analytics to track user behaviour and general trends and to obtain reports. This helps improve the functioning of the website(s). Google may provide this information to third parties if it is legally obliged to do so or if the third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. By using RGTN Wholesale B.V.’s website(s), you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above. Cookies are also placed when you click on buttons and/or links, as described above in the section on social media. RGTN Wholesale B.V. has no influence on the placement and use of cookies by those third parties.

The website of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (the “ACM”) tells you more about cookies and how to block or delete them (
RGTN Wholesale B.V. has a blog or forum on the website(s) that is freely accessible. Any information uploaded to it may be read, collected, and used by any third party. A request to have personal data deleted from a blog or forum can be submitted to the address given in the section on the privacy rights of data subjects. In some cases, RGTN Wholesale B.V. will be unable to delete personal data from a blog or forum. If so, RGTN Wholesale B.V. will tell you why when it responds to your request for deletion. If you, as a data subject, post personal data via a third-party application (via social media), that third party or the administrator of the application is the point of contact for such requests for deletion or for similar questions regarding privacy.
RGTN Wholesale B.V. is entitled to amend this privacy statement at any time without giving prior notice. Changes to the privacy statement will be published on the organisation’s website. You should therefore consult our website regularly.
If you have any questions or comments about the processing of your personal data or about this privacy statement, please contact the legal department.

This privacy statement was adopted on 1 January 2020.

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