RGTN Brands

RGTN and Redworks are the 2 brands of the RGTN Group. Both brands serve their own group of customers.


Redworks offers B2B VOIP and mobile services to a wide range of business customers such as SME’s and the self-employed but also large corporate customers. It is worth mentioning that municipalities and safety regions are amongst Redworks’ customers.offers access to highly professional VOIP fixed telephony solutions and innovative and steady Mobile Services to a wide range of leading business customers located in the Netherlands. Such as SME’s, but also large corporate and multi-site customers. Moreover Municipalities and Safety Regions are amongst Redworks growing most demanding customers base.

RGTN Wholesale

RGTN is the successful international brand for Wholesale Telecom Services operating within more than 200 countries, vendors and customers. We are always looking for opportunities to facilitate strong telecom companies, resellers, aggregators, virtual telecom operators in Wholesale VOICE,  SMS and DID solutions. Customers with high traffic volume can count on competitive wholesale rates from own networks and direct interconnections with best competitive value. 

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